Remote / App Lock
Wireless Lock : PWL-RF,BT


This consists of a control box (with power cord) connected to electronic lock. You can unlock your door remotely using RF Remote or Android App via Bluetooth.This system is totally designed and developed by us to provide keyless, convenient and safe entry into your home. This product is manufactured in India by PHOENIX.

Main Features 

  • Unlock your door remotely with : (A) Wireless RF remote controller : upto 15 meters range (approx) ; (B) Android mobile phone using bluetooth based app : upto 10 meters range (approx).
  • Mobile app based unlocking is password protected.
  • Reliable and secure – Made in India.
  • Easy installation and set-up with single power supply for the system as well as the lock.
  • Also compatible with all Phoenix models.
  • Can connect wired exit buttons with this system, too.
  • Compatible and secure electronic locks are also provided.


  • Electronic Lock
  • RF Remote Control
  • Exit Button

Technical Specifications

ModelsCapacityAccuracyPlatter Size
SMART-3A3 kg0.2 g215 x 185 mm
SMART-6A6 kg0.5 g215 x 185 mm
SMART-1010 kg1.0 g215 x 185 mm
SMART-2020 kg2.0 g215 x 185 mm