GSM Shutter Alarm

GSM based shutter alarm system with loud siren and SMS/calling feature for complete security of your shop and warehouse.

Main Features 

  • This alarm system can be installed on a shutter and gives out a loud siren (120 dB) and also sends SMS and calls to 5 registered mobile numbers, on intrusion.
  • User needs to insert a SIM card for using SMS and calling feature.
  • On entering, if the system is not disabled within a particular time, it gives the siren.
  • The system can be disabled using its key, or by the registered mobile numbers.
  • User can also set the day and time period for the alarm system to be enabled regularly, by SMS.
  • Other SMS setting include registering mobile numbers, checking the battery, checking the SIM network range, enabling or disabling the alarm.
  • Adjustable delay before siren : You can set the number of seconds after which the siren should start ringing,once the shutter is opened. The default value is 10 seconds.
  • This system works on 2 batteries – pencil cells x 4 and a Li-ion rechargeable battery. It requires no electric connection.
  • Battery charging wire is provided with the system.
  • This system is easy to install as it has a spring rod-type sensor. Installation process is simple with only the alarm body to be fit on the shutter using 4 nut-bolts.
  • Alarm body is made up of metal and it is sturdy and secure.
  • It has LED indications for Low Battery, Battery Charging and SIM range.
  • This product is developed and manufactured in India and it comes with one year warranty.

Technical Specifications

ModelsCapacityAccuracyPlatter Size
SMART-3A3 kg0.2 g215 x 185 mm
SMART-6A6 kg0.5 g215 x 185 mm
SMART-1010 kg1.0 g215 x 185 mm
SMART-2020 kg2.0 g215 x 185 mm