Audio Door Phone
Audio Door Phone : ADP-10


This consists of outdoor bell Unit, indoor phone unit, in-built power SMPS and compatible electronic lock. It is a wired analog Audio Door Phone system which is totally designed and developed by us to provide simple and reliable operations. This product is manufactured in India by PHOENIX.

Main Features 

  • Whenever your visitor presses the outdoor bell, you get a call on the indoor phone unit.
  • Achieve 2-way, full duplex clear audio communication between you and your visitor.
  • Unlock your door with just the push of a button on the indoor phone unit.
  • Outdoor bell unit is powered up by indoor phone unit resulting in power saving.
  • Upto 3 indoor phone units can be connected with one outdoor bell.
  • Can connect electric bell and exit buttons with this system, too.
  • Compatible and secure electronic locks are also provided.
  • Easy installation with single power supply for the system as well as the lock.
  • Simple and reliable wired connections.
  • Attractive design and convenient to use.


  • Electronic Lock
  • Additional Indoor Phone Unit
  • Exit Button

Technical Specifications

ModelsCapacityAccuracyPlatter Size
SMART-3A3 kg0.2 g215 x 185 mm
SMART-6A6 kg0.5 g215 x 185 mm
SMART-1010 kg1.0 g215 x 185 mm
SMART-2020 kg2.0 g215 x 185 mm