Video Door Phone
Video Door Phone : VDP-103


Phoenix VDP-103 comes with a 178 mm indoor touch screen which is installed at a convenient location inside your home. The doorbell connects to this touchscreen via simple wired interface and achieves 2-way handsfree video intercom between you and your visitor. Whenever a visitor presses your doorbell, you get a video call on your indoor screen. On accepting the call, you can see the live-video of your visitor and talk to him/her right from this screen. You can check who is at your door and you can also unlock your door by a click on this screen. With clear night vision camera, you can also get on-demand surveillance and intercom of your home surroundings on your indoor screen.

Main Features 

  • Answer your doorbell from 178 mm touchscreen installed in your home.
  • Handsfree intercom: See and talk to your visitor conveniently and clearly from indoor screen.
  • Unlock your door for your visitor with just a click on your indoor screen.
  • Night Vision – See visitors clearly even at night with IR Vision Camera.
  • Real-time surveillance of home surroundings from the screen, anytime.
  • Power saving : Indoor screen provides power to outdoor bell unit.
  • Can connect electric bell and exit buttons with this system, too.
  • Multiple settings: Ring volume, brightness settings.
  • Sleek design and easy installation.
  • Compatible and secure electronic locks are also provided.
  • Additional indoor screens with all features, can be easily installed.


  • Electronic Lock
  • Additional Indoor Screen
  • Exit Button


  • Camera: Colour CMOS camera of size 6.4 mm.
  • Indoor screen: 178 mm LCD TFT Touch screen.
  • Power Supply : 12 V DC, 1.5 A.

Technical Specifications

ModelsCapacityAccuracyPlatter Size
SMART-3A3 kg0.2 g215 x 185 mm
SMART-6A6 kg0.5 g215 x 185 mm
SMART-1010 kg1.0 g215 x 185 mm
SMART-2020 kg2.0 g215 x 185 mm