Platform Weighing Scale
NEP Series (Four Load Cells)



  • Red bright LED display.
  • Heavy-duty M.S checkered plate for bigger platter sizes.
  • Sturdy grill provided to support heavy loads.
  • Angle Setter Assembly for clear visibility.
  • 24-bit Σ – Δ ADC (High resolution).
  • Indication for A.C. On, Nett/Gross weight, Zero, Battery, Battery low & count mode.
  • Display intensity adjustable for longer battery back-up
  • Counting function, memory accumulation.
  • Multi-interval instruments(Dual Accuracy Scales) are also available in all platform models
  • Platform scales of different platter sizes and capacities can be supplied as per customer’s requirement.

Check Weigher with 3 LED Indications:

Packing: Its unique Visual and audio indication help user pack accurately and speedily without getting fatigue.

Check Weighing: To verify and sort out the pre-packed commodities on weight basis.

Indicator with LCD Display (21 mm) with Backlight:

It provide clear visibility/readability in outdoor right daylight as well as in low light indoor conditions. Its user-friendly backlight ON/OFF feature provides power saving & longer battery back-up.

Indicator with USB Host Port:

The unique feature allows to save memory of 2000 batches with date & time and can transferred to Pen-Drive. The data on pen-drive can be accessed in Excels on PC for further data processing.

Inbuilt Printer:

Indicator with thermal In-built printer provides printed slips in various formats.

Price Computing/Piece Counting:

Platform Scales with Price Computing or Piece counting features.

Indicator with large LED display (20mm):

It provides better readability and attractive looks.

Wireless Indicator with Radio frequency:

Wireless extra display can be placed upto 50 meters from main Indicator. Multiple number of wireless display can be paired with single indicator.


  • Adaptor box with rechargeable battery.
  • 6V, 4 AH rechargeable SMF battery.
  • 7.4V,1.5 AH Li-Ion battery with charger.
  • Solar Panel(either mounted on indicator or with separate stand).
  • Detachable extra display at 5 meters / Rear Side Display.
  • Wireless RF Extra Display.
  • Wireless RF Indicator.
  • Jumbo Display (with wire or wireless).
  • Green/Blue bright LED display.
  • 20mm Red/Green Display.
  • Computer/Printer interface(RS-232 C).
  • IR remote Control.
  • USB for computer interface.
  • USB Host Port.
  • 3 LED indications for Check Weighing.
  • Inbuilt Thermal Printer.
  • Real-Time Clock.
  • Wall mounting stand for indicator.

Technical Specifications

ModelsCapacityAccuracyPlatter Size
NEP-30A30 kg2 g320 X 320 mm
NEP-60A60 kg5.0 g400 X 400 mm
NEP-150A150 kg10.0 g450 X 450 mm
NEP-150A150 kg10.0 g600 X 450 mm
NEP-150A150 kg10.0 g600 X 600 mm
NEP-300A300 kg20.0 g600 X 600 mm
NEP-300A300 kg20.0 g750 X 750 mm
NEP-600A600 kg50.0 g600 X 600 mm
NEP-600A600 kg50.0 g750 X 750 mm
NEP-600A600 kg50.0 g900 X 900 mm
NEP-1000A1000 kg100.0 g750 X 750 mm
NEP-1000A1000 kg100.0 g900 X 900 mm
NEP-2000A2000 kg200.0 g1250 X 1250 mm
NEP-5000A5000 kg500.0 g1500 X 1500 mm