Cash Counting Machine


  • Indigenous design and manufatured in India.
  • Simple user interface makes it easy to operate.
  • Sturdy and heavy design combined with modern electronic technology ensures acuurate counting and detection of faulty/counterfeit notes.
  • Elegant front panel design with LED display and backlight makes it a “dream-come-true” model.

Main Features

  • 9-key keyboard makes it easy to operate.
  • Automatically detects faulty/counterfeit notes using Ultraviolet, Magnetic, Infrared sensors.
  • Width variation of notes is detected by Optical sensor.
  • Capable of Double Note detection.
  • Sensitivity of Ultraviolet, Magnetic, Infra-red and Optical sensors are settable.
  • Bright, easy-to-read LED display.
  • LED indicators to show Modes of opearion and errors detected.
  • It detects various parameters for authenticity of notes and indicates various errors observed.
  • Modes of operation : Auto Start, Add Batch, Bundle Check.
  • Shows errors of Width, IR, MG, Half Note on Display.
  • Mode to Add/Discard erroneous note while Counting.
  • Machine stops working beyond specific Low/High Voltages, eliminating counting errors and probable damages.
  • Thermal Protection circuit for induction motor.(Motor heating protection)
  • If unknown object is sensed in Hopper, machine automatically stops working.
  • Suitable for Indian currency notes.
  • Extra LED type display containing all the features of main display panel.


  • Counting Speed : > 100Pcs/6 seconds
  • Dimentions : 256mm(L) X 304(W)mm X 178mm(H)
  • Net Weight : 5.4 kg
  • Power Supply : 230 V AC +/-10%, 50Hz +/-2%.
  • Hopper Capacity : 200 pcs
  • Stacker Capacity : 200 pcs

Technical Specifications

ModelsCapacityAccuracyPlatter Size
SMART-3A3 kg0.2 g215 x 185 mm
SMART-6A6 kg0.5 g215 x 185 mm
SMART-1010 kg1.0 g215 x 185 mm
SMART-2020 kg2.0 g215 x 185 mm